Yoga in the Sky

Something rather unusual took place on the top of Stratosphere, the First Avenue building. About 100 SHAPE readers gathered for Yoga in the Sky, an invigorating strala yoga session with Tara Stiles, the founder of Strala Yoga in New York.

SHAPE Editor, Merina Hew, welcomed her readers, many of whom are followers of Tara who is also a Reebok Yoga Ambassador. She led them through two of her classes – Strong and Energize, with the help of CHI Fitness instructors. Strala Yoga is a movement-based system of yoga that lets people feel into the full range of their body.

After the session, readers refueled with Kellogg’s cereal and bars, Herbalife shakes, healthy Juice Works Chicken Alfalfa sandwiches and Anlene Concentrate Hi-Cal-Low-Fat Milk. Reebok, the main partner for this event, also gave each participant a yoga mat. Readers went home with goodies from all the partners.

Yoga In the Sky is part of SHAPE’s Yoga Series; the first two were Yoga in the City and Yoga in the Park. Yoga reflects the magazine’s philosophy, as it allows you to tune in, chill out and shape up at the same time for a healthier body, mind and spirit.